Helping Resolve Child Custody And Parenting-Time Issues

In any divorce with children involved, their stability and future well-being must take priority over all other concerns. Judges in Colorado courts see it that way, and so do all of our lawyers at Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., in Broomfield. If you are a mother or father who wants the best for your kids, we will help you navigate the legal process while protecting your parental rights.

As Your Trusted Family Law Attorneys, We Will Help You Work Things Out — Or Fight To Protect Your Most Important Relationships

By the time parents decide to proceed with divorce, civil and productive communication is often difficult. You and your spouse may have compatible views of where your children should live and how much time they will spend with each of you — or you may have dramatically different opinions of what is "fair" and in their best interests. We handle all legal issues concerning child custody, including:

Custody modifications Does your parenting time or decision-making arrangement need modification? We can help you pursue or object to any potential child custody modifications.

Relocations If you are sharing custody and you or the other parent wants to move away, we can help you petition the court for approval or object to the move.

Parental kidnappings Has your child's other parent relocated with him or her without your permission? We can help you fight to bring your child back to Colorado.

We Work Closely To Tailor A Plan That Best Fits You And Your Children

Your choice of a family law attorney could ultimately make a critical difference in the legal framework for your relationships with your children moving forward. In our approach to all-important custody and visitation issues (or "allocation of parental responsibilities"), we emphasize:

Taking the time to gain a strong understanding of your children's needs and relationships with each parent, as well as your career demands and other considerations that must be factored into your priorities.

Effectively addressing complex concerns such as alleged domestic violence or substance abuse within the family, which may suggest that counseling will be beneficial while your divorce is in process.

Advising you sincerely and honestly on whether your child custody and parenting time goals are realistic given your unique family circumstances, so that you are not set up for major disappointment.

Working to reach a negotiated or mediated settlement if possible, keeping you in control of the agreements you enter rather than putting them in the hands of a judge

Contact Our Firm Today With Your Custody Questions

You deserve counsel from a lawyer who cares how much your children mean to you. If conflict is running high, you also need to know that your lawyer will build the most compelling possible case for trial. To discuss basic aspects of child custody, parenting time and other key issues in your divorce — or any post-divorce problem involving your kids — call 720-399-0421 or contact us by email now.