Do You Need To Modify Your Child Custody Rights?

Are you seeking a modification to your parental rights, parenting time or the decision-making power you share with your children's other parent? When parenting time is being set in a divorce or in a standalone legal proceeding, the court tries to craft an agreement that will work for everyone involved. No one benefits from a plan that is shortsighted.

Times and circumstances change and a parenting time agreement that was a perfect fit may no longer fit your circumstances.

When it serves the best interests of the child, the court is able to grant modifications regarding:

  • Parenting time – Parents have a set schedule for spending time with their children. There are many issues that can cause a change in parenting time, such as the child being more than 14 years old and asking for the change, drug or alcohol abuse on the part of a parent, and domestic violence.
  • Decision-making – Frequently, parents share the right to make decisions regarding the child's upbringing. Courts, however, can reconsider this arrangement if it serves the best interests of the child, and take decision-making power away from a parent.

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