Is A Move Going To Affect Your Shared Custody?

When one parent in a shared custody arrangement wishes to move, it can create a number of problems. Often these moves are necessary for economic reasons. A lucrative job offer in another state or area may be impossible to pass up. The need to care for a family member is another potential reason why a parent may have to move away.

Whatever the reason that one parent is seeking to move, if it impacts the current parenting time arrangement, then the parent who wants to move and take the child with him or her needs to persuade the court that the move is in the child's best interests and their own.

Our firm represents either parent when a move-away is a possibility. We are effective advocates for you no matter what your position is.

More Than A Century Of Combined Experience

At Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., we build highly persuasive cases for people facing the possibility of a move-away/relocation. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we can help you effectively pursue the outcome you need. We understand how to present evidence to a judge that can clearly illustrate what is necessary to serve our clients' best interests and the best interests of their children.

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