DUI Defense

Experienced DUI Defense In The North Denver Metro Area

Most people in Colorado know that the days when intoxicated driving was treated as a basic offense are long gone. Under today's strict laws, a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) will cost you serious money and affect nearly every part of your life. If you are facing a DUI charge - or the lesser but still serious charge of DWAI - there is no time to lose in finding an attorney you trust.

Know All The Consequences - And Don't Face A DUI Charge On Your Own

Prior to joining Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., in Broomfield, criminal defense lawyer Anna L. Armas represented diverse clients in hundreds of criminal trials. Her work as a public defender in Denver and in private practice spans nearly every type of criminal offense and all aspects of plea negotiations and trial work.

We want you to have all the information you need to make sound decisions about your DUI defense. And you need that information now, in part because any chance to preserve your driver's license requires action within seven days. Supported by our collaborative team of lawyers and capable staff, Ms. Armas is committed to:

  • Taking your call or returning it as soon as possible after your DUI arrest, with willingness to provide a free consultation to explain key aspects of the criminal court and DMV processes that lie ahead for you
  • Rewarding the trust of each client who hires our firm through an all-out investigative effort to expose any viable defenses to the charge
  • Providing honest, clear insight into the likelihood of obtaining an acquittal at trial - so that you can make your own choice about whether negotiation for manageable consequences makes more sense

At this pivotal time, you must consider all possible consequences of a Colorado DUI conviction. For many people, fines, jail time, the loss of driving privileges and other direct costs may be dwarfed by the impact of a criminal record on their employment or educational prospects. At Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., we will tailor our vigorous defense representation to reflect what matters most to you.

For a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs and our criminal defense services, simply call 720-399-0421 or send our legal team an email right now.