Full-Service Divorce Representation, Focused On Your Needs

Divorce is among the greatest personal upheavals anyone can face. If you are feeling sadness, anger, anxiety, loss or grief - or a complex mixture of all these emotions - that is natural and justified. The best step you can take in this overwhelming time is to find a family law attorney who will hear you out and help you make informed decisions.

When Every Decision Matters, You Need Practical Guidance

At Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., we practice family law with compassion as well as rigor. Your unique concerns are all fair game for discussion, and your attorney will help you process them, consider viable solutions and decide what to do. Key aspects of our work on behalf of Colorado men and women facing divorce include:

    • When children are involved, we prioritize protecting them from conflict and emotional damage to the greatest extent possible. We will assist you in targeting child custody and parenting-time orders that serve their best interests and keep you as involved in their lives as you want to be.
    • While we represent people across the full economic spectrum, our firm is a premier resource for professionals, business owners and others with substantial, high-value assets to divide. You can count on us for in-depth analysis and thorough preparation to protect your financial interests in matters of property division, spousal maintenance and more.
    • Our attorneys strive to settle every divorce out of court, in part because agreements reached within the family are far more likely to work and remain sustainable. We resolve many complex issues in direct negotiations or mediation, often saving our clients major stress and expense - but we also know how to win at trial or on appeal.

Our founding attorney Robert M. Cooper earned a master's degree in psychology counseling more than 25 years into his distinguished law career in order to deepen his understanding of the emotions that arise in family conflicts. We will also put real-world business experience, insight gained in thousands of prior cases, and genuine concern for your future to work for you.

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When you turn to our law firm in Broomfield, you will speak directly with a lawyer. We will be happy to provide a free, 20-minute telephone consultation to discuss basic aspects of your case and our legal services.