Property Division

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Divorce is a major financial crossroads, as well as a personal one, for most people. One of few certainties is that both spouses' resources and financial outlooks will change dramatically. Whether you have accumulated considerable wealth during your marriage or have modest property and assets to divide, thorough analysis and preparation to protect your interests is critical.

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At Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., in Broomfield, Colorado, we are widely respected for effective advocacy in high-asset divorce cases with complex disputes to overcome. Our lawyers also know how important it is for all men and women facing divorce to defend their financial futures and begin planning for life afterward. We are intensely committed to:

    • Asking the right questions and performing any research necessary to help you set realistic expectations and form a clear strategy in regard to the "split" of all marital property
    • Ensuring that your divorcing spouse provides full financial disclosure, especially if you have reason to believe he or she may have undisclosed income or assets
    • Exploring "like-kind exchanges" and other creative solutions that may enable both parties to achieve their key priorities while avoiding drawn-out, costly divorce litigation
    • Addressing child support and spousal maintenance (sometimes called alimony) early in the divorce process, because temporary orders often set the precedent for longer-term or permanent ones

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Our attorneys bring together extensive experience in the business world and in civil litigation outside the realm of family law. As a result, our strength in financial analysis is practical and formidable - and our firm is a go-to resource for many people with family businesses, professional practices, sizeable investments, real estate holdings and other high-value assets on the line.

Are you most concerned about staying in your home or receiving your fair share of equity in that property? Do you anticipate serious conflict over whether you should pay or receive spousal maintenance? What about retirement accounts? To meet with a financially knowledgeable lawyer who will prioritize what matters most to you, beginning with a free , 20-minute telephone consultation, call 720-399-0421 or reach out to us via email now.