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Our spousal maintenance/alimony laws recently changed here in Colorado. The attorney you choose to work with could dramatically affect how the judge in your case decides on spousal maintenance.

How Do The 2014 Changes To The Spousal Maintenance Laws Affect My Case?

The changes to the laws that govern spousal maintenance, which occurred in 2014, create greater uniformity in determination of spousal maintenance. For couples with a combined annual income below $250,000, a formula now exists that sets spousal maintenance. In the past, courts used various factors to determine if spousal maintenance was appropriate, how much should be awarded and how long it should go on for.

Currently, there is no formula for couples with combined income in excess of $250,000. This makes it essential for people in such situations to secure highly effective legal representation that can pursue the spousal maintenance arrangement they need.

A Creative Approach Can Help You

When determining spousal maintenance, we can create unique arrangements. For example, a spouse who would otherwise be entitled to spousal maintenance can forego it to secure an asset such as the family home in the division of property. Our attorneys can help you pursue your goals creatively and effectively.

More Than A Century Of Combined Experience

At Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., we are committed to helping you achieve your family law goals. The determination of spousal maintenance can have a major impact on your financial stability as you exit the divorce and begin working to establish a new household. Our goal is to help put you in the best situation possible so you can create the next chapter of your life. Our more than 100 years of combined experience allow us to offer you the highly effective representation you need to achieve the outcome you deserve.

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