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Divorce and other family law disputes are draining for everyone involved. Unfortunately, sometimes one pivotal trip into a Colorado courtroom is not enough to obtain a fair outcome aligned with relevant laws. Judges are human. They make errors in judgment and in interpretation of the law and, when they do, a citizen's right to appeal becomes essential.

In Some Complex Family Law Cases, Another Trip To Court Is Your Only Path To Justice

Clients who turn to our firm for divorce representation, custody advocacy and other vital services know from the outset that our attorneys are here with counsel for the duration of the case. In other cases, clients or other lawyers call upon us to evaluate potentially viable appellate cases. Both Robert M. Cooper and Leonard D. Tanis have substantial experience filing and arguing Colorado family law appeals.

At Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., in Broomfield, we take pains not to offer our clients false hopes or unrealistic expectations. Successful appeals of family law rulings and court orders are relatively rare, and we pursue them only after in-depth analysis and extensive communication. Key considerations for you likely include:

  • Whether the judge in your divorce, custody case or other matter made a mistake, misinterpreted the law as it pertains to your case, or issued an extraordinarily unfair ruling
  • Whether the consequences of that decision are far-reaching and severe enough to warrant your additional, potentially sizable, investment in legal services

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Only a small percentage of Colorado family law attorneys venture into appellate courts to seek justice for victims of judicial errors. At our firm, this is one aspect of our commitment to doing everything possible to help clients achieve favorable results in family law cases and move on with their lives.

If you believe that your child custody, spousal maintenance or property division outcome defies logic and should be addressed far differently, we will hear you out and provide honest guidance based on decades of experience. To arrange an initial consultation with a family law attorney about your possible appeal or other concerns, call or email us at your first opportunity.