Post-Divorce Problems

Civil Protection Orders In Colorado: What You Must Know

No one should live in constant fear of an abusive spouse, ex-spouse, intimate partner or family member. While taking legal action to stop violence or threats can be intimidating on your own, our lawyers will empathize with your situation, explain options and help you petition for a civil protection order (CPO) if that is the right choice for you.

On the other side of this equation, anyone served with a temporary protective order(often referred to as a restraining order) should seek reliable legal counsel immediately. The wheels of justice in this area of law turn fairly quickly, and your serious concerns may include:

    • Failure to respond to the order and appear at the required hearing will almost certainly result in the protective order against you being made "permanent" - which means it cannot be removed or modified for two years, regardless of changes in circumstances.
    • Violation of a protective order issued in a criminal case is a serious misdemeanor offense that can bring a sentence of a year in jail - or up to an 18-month sentence if the order was issued in a domestic violence case or other criminal case.
    • Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time and inadvertently coming into contact with your accuser could lead to your arrest.

Get Reliable Guidance And Strong Advocacy In This Crucial Time

At Cooper, Tanis & Armas, P.C., in Broomfield, Colorado, our attorneys understand the legal aspects of domestic violence allegations from both the victim/petitioner's and respondent's perspectives. We offer personally attentive, results-focused defense representation by an established trial lawyer, Anna L. Armas. Further, we frequently address restraining orders and the underlying issues in divorce and custody proceedings.

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Whether you are considering seeking a protective order or need to contest one, we will welcome your call and questions. We are versed in the procedures and familiar with the courts of Boulder County, Adams County and elsewhere in the North Denver Metro Area.