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Mediation as a positive alternative to divorce litigation

Many couples divorce in Colorado each year. Unfortunately, some of those cases are very conflict-filled, as people deal with the emotional fallout involved with marital breakdowns. Colorado, like other states, offers mediation as an alternative way to resolve some or all of the issues in a divorce.

Divorce mediation can help couples reach an agreement that settles all outstanding issues, including property division, spousal support and child custody and visitation. The expense involved with mediating a divorce settlement is also often significantly lower than the expense of protracted divorce litigation. Litigating a divorce through court hearings and a divorce trial can make the case drag on for months or even years.

In Colorado, people can choose to take their case to mediation in lieu of going through the court litigation process. Mediation involves the couple meeting with a trained mediator who is a neutral third party who is skilled in helping people resolve the issues and conflicts they have so they can reach an agreement. Courts treat all people according to the law, and the result is often that a contested divorce will often result in court orders with which either or both parties are not happy. Mediation provides them with a method to arrive at an agreement that works for them.

If an agreement is reached through divorce mediation, a judge will enter the agreement as the court's order after making certain that both parties believe it is fair and that they entered into it willingly. Over time, this can mean less conflict between the ex-spouses, which is especially important if they are co-parenting children. A person who is interested in learning more about divorce mediation as an option in their divorce may want to consult with a family law attorney for help with the process involved.

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