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January 2016 Archives

Reasons for prenuptial agreements

Some Colorado millennials may be among those who attorneys say are increasingly requesting prenuptial agreements. Although many of these millennials may not have begun building significant wealth yet, they still see a prenup as a guard against losing future earnings or gaining debt. Some millennials and people in other age groups may be concerned about taking on a partner's debt while others are more concerned that if they start a lucrative career, their earnings are protected.

Financial mistakes divorcing spouses make

The month of January can be a popular month for people in Colorado to file their divorce paperwork. After the holidays, many people who were considering ending their marriage decide to get a fresh start in the New Year. Although it can be tempting to get the process over with quickly, it is important for divorcing spouses to think carefully about their finances.

Rules govern Social Security spousal benefits for divorcees

Divorcees in Colorado can often find themselves on unequal financial footing in comparison to their former partners. This can be particularly evident when one spouse works in a field that pays significantly less than the other or stays at home for many years while raising children. Significant disparities in Social Security benefit entitlements can be the result, but knowing and meeting certain requirements can help some divorced spouses receive a retirement benefit as high as half of the ex-spouse's benefit at full retirement age.

Making coparenting easier in Colorado

Although a divorced couple may not have a romantic relationship anymore, they must still work together to raise their children. While co-parenting may not be the easiest endeavor, there are steps that parents can take to put aside their personal differences for their children. One smart tactic may be to set up boundaries as to how and when parents contact each other.

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