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February 2016 Archives

Changes in age at divorce over generations

Couples in Colorado who are getting a divorce look different demographically compared to earlier generations. In 2013, the number of 59-year-olds who were divorced, separated or in second or later marriages was about twice as many as in 1980. In 1960, the number was fewer than 20 percent compared to 42 percent in 2013.

Taking control of finances when you decide to divorce

For many couples in Colorado, the decision to divorce is one that comes after a lot of consideration and soul searching. Because most people spend time considering divorce before asking for one, spouses should consider divorce-related financial issues before separating.

Financial pitfalls to watch out for in divorce

People in Colorado who are getting a divorce should have a good understanding of their finances. This means having copies of things like bank statements, tax forms and statements from retirement accounts. Pulling a credit report is a good way to get a handle on all debt. People should keep in mind that credit card companies will hold them responsible for debt that is in their name even if the court says the former spouse must pay it.

Children and divorce in Colorado

When young children learn that their parents are getting a divorce, it can be a difficult moment to experience. However, there are some things that parents can do to make the process easier. First, it is important to let the child know that it is not his or her fault that the divorce is occurring. Otherwise, children may come up with a variety of reasons why they were the cause of the split.

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