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March 2016 Archives

Prolonging the divorce process can hurt children

When Colorado parents decide to end their marriage, it is usually after a long period of reflection that might have included quarreling and other differences. Once the decision is made, however, it might be a long time before it is final. During that time, the children of the couple might find themselves confused and hurt by the process.

The advantages of a good parenting plan

Colorado parents may struggle with their emotions when they divorce while worrying about their children as well. They might be concerned about the years ahead of co-parenting with their ex-spouse, and this does not necessarily end when the children are no longer minors. As grandchildren come along, they might continue to have some contact with each other.

Issues from celebrity divorces

Celebrities sometimes deal with the same types of issues in their divorces as Colorado residents do. Learning about those issues can be illustrative of the types of things some people may want to think about in their own divorce matters.

Retirement and divorce

When older Colorado residents are planning to divorce, they need to make certain they pay extra attention to their ability to retire. A divorce can cause a lot of problems with retirement plans if people don't address the issue in their settlement negotiations.

The difference between divorce mediation and arbitration

When a Colorado couple decides to get a divorce, they do not have to jump straight to a court date. They also have the option of mediation and arbitration. Although there are pros to each option, couples who cannot work together may end up going to trial regardless.

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