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Prolonging the divorce process can hurt children

When Colorado parents decide to end their marriage, it is usually after a long period of reflection that might have included quarreling and other differences. Once the decision is made, however, it might be a long time before it is final. During that time, the children of the couple might find themselves confused and hurt by the process.

There are many reasons why the breakup might be prolonged. Sometimes, the parents might be conflicted about finalizing the divorce due to the family history, fear of repeating a cycle or even religion. Well-meaning family members and friends might counsel against the divorce, making it even more difficult for the spouses to make a concrete decision. This process might extend over months and sometimes several years. During this time, arrangements for child custody have to be made, disrupting the children's lives even further.

During this time, the children continue to grow, and as they become older they might get more confused. Even if one of the parents has moved out of the home, the children might still believe and hope that their parents will get back together, particularly if the divorce is taking years to finalize. When there is more than one child involved, each of the sibilings might have a different opinion about the break-up, causing further strife in the family. They might also develop anxiety about their future, since they do not know exactly what is going on with their parents.

Since the children's best interests are always at the center of these types of matters, it is important to sit down and have discussions with them. Letting them know what the co-parenting arrangement will be is also advisable.

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