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June 2016 Archives

Considering divorce during financial planning conversations

When married couples in Colorado and around the country choose to divorce, one spouse is often far better prepared than the other to deal with the pressures of the process. This is sometimes caused by clandestine preparations made by one spouse while their husband or wife is completely unaware that their marriage has a problem, and in other situations it is the result of spouses not taking an active role in financial matters and being left unprepared for the important decisions that a divorce demands of them.

The likelihood of a divorce in Colorado

According to a professor from the University of Maryland, nearly 53 percent of all marriages will fail. This runs counter to the recent findings that the divorce rate may be holding steady or declining. Data suggests that the rate of divorce among younger people may be falling as they wait longer to get married or don't marry at all. It is also possible that those who get divorced once simply don't marry again.

Prenup overruled in immigrant's divorce

Divorce can be quite unpleasant for Colorado couples, especially if there is a contentious relationship between those involved. The use of a prenuptial agreement to avoid such battles in the future is becoming more common today, even among younger couples. However, a recent case involving a woman whose husband-to-be sponsored her through immigration has resulted in parts of a prenup being thrown out.

Parenting together after divorce

Colorado parents who divorce should keep in mind that even though their marriage is ending, they will go on being co-parents for years. Attempting to maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship can be important to helping children adjust to the divorce. There are several questions parents can ask themselves as they work on learning to cooperate with one another on parenting issues.

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