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Financial issues and life after divorce

Colorado couples who are thinking about separating may be interested in knowing more about the top financial issues that could potentially impact their lives after divorce. According to some experts, the division of assets and debts, tax issues and financial conflicts involving the children are the most common barriers that might be encountered when navigating a split.

How to handle property division in divorce

When a Colorado couple, they may not have a good sense of what each of them is entitled to financially. For example, one man in Massachusetts made about $350,000 annually, and his wife did not work outside the home. Their $1.1 million home had been purchased with $300,000 the man got from his mother. The man's wife wanted to move her new partner into the home and live there until the couple's two children finished college. She also wanted her husband to pay alimony until he retired and wanted half the value of the retirement account.

Helping divorced parents resolve conflicts

Colorado parents who are divorcing may find that they cannot come to an agreement on some aspects of co-parenting. They might want to avoid litigation, or if they are already divorced, they may want to avoid going back into court to have a judge decide the matter. Furthermore, judges may frown upon being asked to litigate minor parenting disputes.

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