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November 2016 Archives

Divorce reaches lowest rates in nearly 40 years

Although divorce may affect numerous Colorado families, some reports prove hopeful for residents of the state who are considering marriage. At a national level, rates have declined for the last three years and have now reached one of the lowest points for the last four decades. At the same time, there has been an increase in the rate of marriage.

Student loan obligations after divorce

A Colorado court does not necessarily have to divide a couple's marital assets equally during a divorce, but with the principle of equitable distribution, the split should be fair. Similarly, the division of debts should be fair and may vary based on issues such as each party's income and contributions during the marriage. People might think that they would not be responsible for their spouse's student loans, but this could be an incorrect assumption in some cases.

Paying for items not included in child support

Colorado parents who are in the middle of divorcing may not realize that there are many things that child support does not pay for. The court may not mandate payments for a number of things that it considers extra. As a result, parents might want to negotiate these items as part of their parenting agreement.

Women who divorce near retirement could face financial problems

Women in Colorado who divorce after the age of 50 might be more likely to spend retirement in poverty than women who have never been divorced. In 2010, baby boomers were divorcing at more than twice the rate of the same age group in 1990. However, researchers from Boston College and Mathematica Policy Research examined data on 56,000 women and discovered that those in the 50-to-74 age range were more likely to be working full-time if they were divorced than women in the same age range who were not divorced or had divorced earlier in life.

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