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Divorce reaches lowest rates in nearly 40 years

Although divorce may affect numerous Colorado families, some reports prove hopeful for residents of the state who are considering marriage. At a national level, rates have declined for the last three years and have now reached one of the lowest points for the last four decades. At the same time, there has been an increase in the rate of marriage.

There are no clear correlations between societal changes and the variations in marriage and divorce rates. Some speculate that issues such as co-habitation have become more acceptable, reducing the need to marry for the sake of appearances. Additionally, partners may not view marriage as a means to maintain a rocky relationship. Marriages involving younger partners tend to be less common as many pursue career goals before settling down.

Although divorce rates have been declining, it is still helpful to remember that experts consider typical relationships to have a 50 percent chance of ending in divorce. Second and third marriages are much less likely to endure than first marriages. Education is viewed as having a positive impact on the survival rates of marriages, and those with limited means tend to be more likely to split. Marriage rates tend to be higher in conservative locations, and divorce rates in the nation were at their highest in 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Just as there are many issues to consider before marrying, there are many concerns for those who find that their marriages are falling apart. Finances and child custody matters can be some of the most serious sources of disagreement during a divorce, which makes it wise to have reliable legal support during the process. It is sometimes possible for an estranged couple to come to an accord on these and other issues through an agreement negotiated with the help of their respective lawyers.

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