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Co-parenting remotely may grow easier after mediation

Colorado families may find it increasingly difficult to maintain a sense of stability when one parent moves away after a divorce. This might occur because the parent who moves wants to observe the same visitation schedule even though it forces the kids to spend more time traveling or hopping between schools and schedules. Problems could also arise when either parent finds a new romantic partner that their ex doesn't like.

Parents need to put their own personal concerns aside if they want to do what's best for their kids. Factors like which parent the child favors or who comes out on top in disagreements aren't as important as whether parents can provide healthy, supportive living environments for their children. Parents who want to relocate must be willing to put in extra effort to help their children adjust and fit in with their new communities.

A significant percentage of parents have serious negative feelings about their former spouses for years after they split. Arguments over which parent should be responsible for the scheduling adjustments and heightened transportation burdens associated with relocation can worsen troublesome relationships or exacerbate arguments. Because parents have to make cooperative decisions regarding their children's welfare for years to come, they may benefit from pursuing mediation.

When divorcees relocate or otherwise move on, the new ties that they forge might interfere with their old ones. Those who fail to plan ahead might wind up with parenting obligations that are harder to fulfill. Working with cooler heads may make it easier to negotiate with troublesome exes. Although it's possible to come to terms on their own, having the advice of counsel could potentially ensure that parents don't find themselves stuck with unsustainable child custody arrangements.

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