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February 2017 Archives

Separately-owned trust funds in a divorce

Some Colorado residents may be concerned about the fate of a trust that they separately benefit from if their marriage ends. In general, it's important to be careful when it comes to defining and using trust funds in the context of marriage. There are indeed risks involved should a divorce ever occur, but a little extra attention to detail in terms of how the trust is established and used can mitigate them.

Protecting a family business in the case of divorce

When Colorado residents own or run a family business, they may have no intention of dividing up the associated assets if they ultimately end up getting a divorce. Because approximately 50 percent of marriages end up in a split, those who are considering marriage should take the steps to properly protect their family business.

What happens to IVF embryos during a divorce

When a Colorado couple starts the IVF process in order to naturally conceive a child, they may not be thinking about what could happen if they end up getting a divorce. If a couple creates frozen embryos and then decides to end their marriage before implantation, they will need to make certain decisions that could have an effect on their future.

Dealing with the family home during a divorce

Colorado couples who decide to get a divorce will have to figure out how to divide their marital estate. Depending on their situation, this may include determining what to do with the family home. Because the home may be filled with memories, be close to the kids' school or has been in the family for years, former couples may find it difficult to come to a decision.

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