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May 2017 Archives

Children and divorce

A divorce can have a substantial emotional impact on children. However, there are certain things Colorado parents whose marriages are coming to an end can do to make the process easier.

Trump election triggers splits over political differences

Fights over money among married couples have new competition from political disagreements after the election of Donald Trump. Couples in Colorado suffering from differences of political opinion are part of a new trend identified by researchers and divorce attorneys. According to polls done by Wakefield Research, the previous six months have produced a spike in political fights within relationships. Over 20 percent of people in relationships reported more tension over politics than financial issues, which have long been a common source of divorce.

Dealing with substance abuse during a custody dispute

Colorado child custody disputes can become even more complex if one parent is worried about the other parent's alcohol and drug use when the children are around. A parent who believes that the children are at risk for harm due to the other parent's substance abuse may request a modification to the child support order to keep the children safe.

What the law says about blocking contact with a child

Noncustodial parents in Colorado have many options when it comes to staying in touch with their children. Thanks to advances in technology, seeing or speaking with a child may be as easy as using FaceTime or sending an email. In some cases, however,a custodial parent may wish to limit or block a noncustodial parent's access to his or her child.

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