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Children and divorce

A divorce can have a substantial emotional impact on children. However, there are certain things Colorado parents whose marriages are coming to an end can do to make the process easier.

Children should be told outright that there will be a divorce. The manner in which they are informed should be agreed upon by both parents. When explaining what is happening, it is important that the children's age and level of maturity are taken into account. It may not be wise to provide too much detail, but parents should be sure to give enough information so that their children will not wonder about the situation.

When the children have been told of the impending divorce, parents should focus on answering their questions and being reassuring. The children should be assured that the divorce is not a reflection on them and that they will still have two parents who will be concerned for their welfare. Both parents should avoid speaking ill of each other in front of their children. To be assured that both parents are there for the children, both parents should openly supporting another in front of the children. Disagreements are better discussed out of sight and earshot of the children.

Because the divorce is very likely to bring many changes to schedules and roles, parents should make an effort to be flexible. They should keep in mind that their children will require some form of stability and that becoming adjusted to new situations may require taking the unexpected in stride.

Parents who are seeking a divorce should speak to their family law attorneys about which legal avenues should be pursued to obtain favorable child custody and visitation terms. Legal counsel could suggest mediation if their clients are unable to negotiate an agreement but wish to avoid leaving the decision in the hands of a judge.

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