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Summer visitation suggestions for parents

If a Colorado couple divorces when their children are young, summer visitation schedules are often something that kids look forward to as they can spend greater amounts of time with the parent that they do not live with. However, as children age, they may be increasingly reluctant to spend time away from their friends during the long break.

The difference between divorce mediation and arbitration

When a Colorado couple decides to get a divorce, they do not have to jump straight to a court date. They also have the option of mediation and arbitration. Although there are pros to each option, couples who cannot work together may end up going to trial regardless.

Divorce options for doctors and others

Divorce can be a difficult and antagonistic process for Colorado couples. Professionals such as doctors have rigorous schedules, and these demands can take a significant toll on a family. When divorce results, there can be huge costs to litigate the matter, and high-earning professionals may face serious costs in order to finalize such a matter. However, there are some alternatives that can minimize the animosity and save money.

Mediation as a positive alternative to divorce litigation

Many couples divorce in Colorado each year. Unfortunately, some of those cases are very conflict-filled, as people deal with the emotional fallout involved with marital breakdowns. Colorado, like other states, offers mediation as an alternative way to resolve some or all of the issues in a divorce.

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