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Military spouses at higher divorce risk

Those who enlist in military service may be at a higher risk for divorce. This news comes after an analysis of U.S census data reported that certain stressful careers contributed significantly to divorce risk and that military careers tended to rank most highly. While this certainly doesn't guarantee a divorce, it is something for Colorado residents to keep in mind.

Presumptions about divorce law could lead to mistakes

The financial costs of divorce might tempt people in Colorado to forgo legal representation, but the consequences could be costly. Well-meaning friends and relatives might offer advice, but they could easily be mistaken or unaware of how the law actually applies to an individual's situation. Child support represents one arena where the services of an attorney could produce optimal results.

Blended families and finances

Colorado residents who have left a previous marriage for a new one may be wondering about how to approach their finances in their new life. Money is an important topic of discussion for couples. It is necessary that partners communicate their values regarding money and their priorities. Two major subjects are children and savings. Spouses want to make good decisions for their children's futures and for their own as well.

Children and divorce

A divorce can have a substantial emotional impact on children. However, there are certain things Colorado parents whose marriages are coming to an end can do to make the process easier.

Trump election triggers splits over political differences

Fights over money among married couples have new competition from political disagreements after the election of Donald Trump. Couples in Colorado suffering from differences of political opinion are part of a new trend identified by researchers and divorce attorneys. According to polls done by Wakefield Research, the previous six months have produced a spike in political fights within relationships. Over 20 percent of people in relationships reported more tension over politics than financial issues, which have long been a common source of divorce.

Planning for divorce by reducing risks during separation

When their marriages are breaking down, some Colorado couples opt for a trial separation rather than immediately entering divorce proceedings. Though valid and worth exploring, the parties should carry out certain actions during a separation for the sake of their children and their own protection and financial well-being.

Divorce court order overturned by bankruptcy judge

Colorado residents might be familiar with Chapter 13. This form of bankruptcy allows debtors who have a reliable source of income to restructure their obligations under a repayment plan that lasts from three to five years. After the successful completion of the plan, many remaining unsecured debts are discharged. Earlier in March, a Georgia bankruptcy court examined the interplay between these plans and a divorce decree.

Divorce rates rising for people 50 and older

Divorce is not just the province of younger Colorado couples. Demographers have identified an upward trend in divorces among older people, defined as age 50 and over. The reasons contributing to this increase appear to be the higher incidence of second marriages among older individuals as well as long-term dissatisfaction with a marriage that has existed for decades.

Separately-owned trust funds in a divorce

Some Colorado residents may be concerned about the fate of a trust that they separately benefit from if their marriage ends. In general, it's important to be careful when it comes to defining and using trust funds in the context of marriage. There are indeed risks involved should a divorce ever occur, but a little extra attention to detail in terms of how the trust is established and used can mitigate them.

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