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About the DPPA and what it does

Parents in Colorado who are exploring their legal options regarding delinquent child support payments may be interested in learning about the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act, or DPPA. It is a federal law that was created in 1998 that is used to hold parents accountable who willfully avoid their child support payment obligations by relocating to other states.

The difference child support makes for parents in Colorado

A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family indicates that there are several commonalities among non-custodial fathers who don't pay child support regularly or on time. Child support payments are often required of people who do not live with their children, and it is supposed to help single parents pay for things like food, clothing and shelter.

Dealing with the family home during a divorce

Colorado couples who decide to get a divorce will have to figure out how to divide their marital estate. Depending on their situation, this may include determining what to do with the family home. Because the home may be filled with memories, be close to the kids' school or has been in the family for years, former couples may find it difficult to come to a decision.

Paying for items not included in child support

Colorado parents who are in the middle of divorcing may not realize that there are many things that child support does not pay for. The court may not mandate payments for a number of things that it considers extra. As a result, parents might want to negotiate these items as part of their parenting agreement.

Prenup overruled in immigrant's divorce

Divorce can be quite unpleasant for Colorado couples, especially if there is a contentious relationship between those involved. The use of a prenuptial agreement to avoid such battles in the future is becoming more common today, even among younger couples. However, a recent case involving a woman whose husband-to-be sponsored her through immigration has resulted in parts of a prenup being thrown out.

Divorce filings soar at the beginning of the year

Many Colorado residents make resolutions to lose weight or stop smoking at the beginning of the year, but they may not know that January is also the most popular month for divorce filings. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, new divorce filings are often about one-third higher in January than at any other time of the year. However, those thinking about initiating divorce proceedings may be wise to address certain legal and financial matters first.

What role do pets play in a divorce?

Imagine your typical family: a married couple with a child. The spouses get along just fine, and they love their child. For years and years, there are no issues with the couple's marriage. But then one day, the little fights and disagreements start to pile up. Soon, the two spouses are considering what their life would be like away from the other. Once that thought takes hold, the two spouses decide it is time to divorce.

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